ABCya is a website full of educational games for kids. There are games for kids in K-6. Even if you are in a grade higher than 6th you can still play in the 6th grade. For every grade there are the same category: Letters, numbers, holiday, strategy and skill. I created this on ABCya:

Meet the Kraken

I am a Kraken. Yes you there is more than one of us. You might be scared but the sailors were lying. They said that I did bad things but I thought that their ship was a toy for me. I am sorry. I may or may not have eaten a few sailors but they looked good. You might not be reading this post and if you are you are probably wondering how I am doing this. Edward isn’t home. Wait, here he comes got to go bye!


Norbridge is a character from Winterhouse. He is the owner of Winterhouse. Here is something we have in common: We both like Winterhouse.

5 Personality traits:

Kind, adventurous, funny, caring and smart.

Norbridge is kind because he is always is being nice to Elizabeth.

Norbridge is adventurous because he is always acting like he is on a adventure to me.

Norbridge is funny because he is always laughing, having fun and making Elizabeth laugh.

Norbridge is caring because he cares about Elizabeth and everyone.

Norbridge is smart because he is making the right choices and protecting Elizabeth.                                                  My Norbridge ⇑.

Football Champs

Football Champs is a novel where a 12 year old kid can predict the opponents plays by seeing patterns. People call him a football genius. It is an exciting story. He is in Duluth. His name is Troy. He has 2 good friends: Tate and Nathan. The story starts out in a Falcons game. He works for the Falcons. The story ends after they beat everyone trying to hurt Seth Halloway the Falcons star linebacker and the Duluth Tigers  win the Georgia State championship with Seth as their head coach and a guy walks up and says to Troy”I think I’m your father”. My favorite part was when Seth threw Brent Peele( a guy who hates Seth) in the trash when Peele is being mean. Troys dad abandoned them before Troy was born. It is a book from the Football Genius series.